Redmi releaseing it’s new smartphone with 64MP camera .

Redmi 64MP camera 

Recently xiaomi has been released redmi Note 7 Pro with 48 megapixel camera which was really interesting and powerful camera.

And now xiaomi is planning to launch 64 megapixel camera on upcoming smartphone of redmi.

Xiaomi posted a camera sample teaser to development of 64 megapixel camera phone.

This will be the world’s first 64 megapixel camera smartphone taking on the existing 48 megapixel camera phones.

The new redmi phone is believed to spot the 64 megapixel isocell bright GW1 sensor that Samsung unveiled back in May.

The sensor pixel size 0.8 microns.

Also they will provide a a highest zooming technology in this camera.

Not only xiaomi is in the race of bringing 64 megapixel camera smartphone.

Samsung is also planning to launch 64 megapixel feature in A-series smartphones.

Also Realme is also planning 64 MP camera in Realme 5 Pro 

So let’s see which company will be launch world’s first 64 megapixel camera smartphone first and on which price segment they will lunch .