Top 5 amazing fact about xiaomi

Everybody knows that xiaomi is India’s number one smartphone brand so in this article we are going to explain you about top 5 amazing fact about xiaomi. So keep reading 

[ 1 ] Do you know Where is the International headquarter of xiaomi ?

You might thinking that xioami herqheadqua is in China ! But you are wrong. 

xiaomi’s International headquarter is in Singapore.

After some confirmation xiaomi has been choosed for their International headquarters and office in Singapore.

(Why xiaomi has been choose the Singapore for headquarters and offices ?)

Because it is too easy for business in Singapore and xiaomi get’s more technological benefits in Singapore.

[ 2 ] Why do beautification mode is always on in xiaomi devices ?

If you are using the xiaomi smartphone just take a selfie and find the detail it will do over beauty or over smooth in our captured image.

Because in xiaomi devices we will get built in face beautification mode which is always inbuilt feature in every xiaomi devices.

[ 3 ] Do you know why xiaomi sales their phone in the lowest price.

Because they keep there profit very low like ₹50 ₹100 ₹200.

Sometime xiaomi sales their budget smartphone in 0% profit.

And this thing is also popular in China xiaomi sales they smartphone in the lowest price.

Xiaomi’s major source of earning?

Xiaomi’s major source of earning is themes, apps, games which will be available in MI Store.

Also xiaomi earn by ads which will be available in xiaomi apps.

[ 4 ] The most successful smartphone of xiaomi in India.

Always xiaomi give preference to MI UI.

But in 2017 first time released their smartphone with stock Android.

And It was a MI A1 and also this was in xiaomi’s Android one smartphone which is launched in globally in India.

And also MI A1 is most popular smartphone in India.

Xiaomi has also launched  MI A2 and MI A2 Lite which is also Android one smartphone.

And also you will see the Android one smartphone in redmi series also.

It means that in budget smartphones we will get Android one feature.

[ 5 ] Why xiaomi still not released MI tablet or MI pad in India.

Recently xiaomi has been launched MI pad 3 but xiaomi is not yet  launched MI pad in India.

[ Reason ]

Because the tablet marketing is very low in India so that’s what the reason xiaomi me is not ready to launch MI pad in India.

If the tablet market developed in India.

So xiaomi will decide to launch MI pad in India.


So that’s all the intrsting facts on xioami we hope you all liked this about facts

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