Where are gionee mobiles ? why Gionee got closed ? Complete story .

Once upon a time Gionee was most popular smartphones brand in China where they used to sell more than million of products in one sale.

But now a days  why gionee is not releasing it’s new phones ? Is gionee companys has closed ? Where are gionee phones ?

So today we are going to share why gionee phones are got in loss and the brand gionee is closed globally . So keep reading

  • Gionee

This company was established in the year 2002 on 16 September where there company shares we’re too low . In that time they use to sell keypad phones and some tech stuff .

Growth of Gionee phones

From 2006 to 2011 the smartphone of Gionee started growing rapidly and the brand has became the largest phone selling brand in  china .

Entery of Gionee phones in India

In 2011 the smartphone compitaion was very low . That time there we’re very few popular smartphones brand like Samsung,lava, karbon and L.G etc… That time android phones demand was very high and at the right Gionee entered the india and they used to sell their phones at very low price and with high specification

  • In 2011 there where no popular smartphones brands like Xiaomi, oppo , vivo.

Gionee took the advantage of this and started developing the new specs phone at very low price .

And the Gionee has become one of the most selling smartphone barand in 2013 .

  • Gionee used sell its phones in large amount in offline market

Gionee in 2014 entered other developing countries and used to sell their products in very popular countries .


📉Down market of Gionee ⏬

In the end of 2014 xioami entered the smartphone market where it released its Redmi 1s with right price and with high specification.  { people used know about value for money smartphone and started buying Redmi phones .

  • hear Gionee got only 15% of market loss because xioami phones are most sold on online only . [ Gionee is used sell their phones in offline Stores ]  

Entry of Oppo and vivo in India 

In the same year vivo also started releasing their new phones every month. And after some time oppo also entered the smartphone market.

Oppo and vivo started growing their offline marketing they used  advatise there phones in high impression this made gionee in trouble.

And day by day market share advatiseing of Gionee phones got decressd !

in 2016 Gionee started developing “Make in India” phones but this also gots fail and market of Gionee phones reached the land.

gionee started making mistakes again and again in market already too many oppo and vivo selfie phone are selling in that Gionee started lunching selfie phone with over price .

How Gionee got closed ?

In the Same year a Germany media reported that  “in Gionee phones software there are malware which is effective to user data”  so this statement made the Gionee brand a very siveour loss .

  • The company market statistics where very poor , other brands like xioami ,oppo , vivo where performing well in market .


End of Gionee !

In the year 2017 the Gionee sell its india opperation to Karbon mobile in deal with 250 crores .

In the future if we gionee phones in market that doesn’t belong to gionee they belong to karbon .

The hope of gionee comeback is very less because the chair men of Gionee losed $144 MN in gambling .

That’s it the very popular brand Gionee will be no more manufactured globally that means the Gionee got closed world wide !


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